OS X Screen Savers

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Sorta by Kevin Murray

This screen saver demonstrates various types of single- and multiple-CPU sorts. While running, you will see a collection of values that will be sorted as you watch. Let's have no illusions, this is a screen saver for geeks. Here is how you know if you qualify. If you are not a geek, you will be thinking "Why did I waste bandwidth downloading this?" If you are a geek, you will be thinking "Cool!". If you are a super-geek, you will be thinking "This is a valuable research tool for tweaking my code to use the best sorting algorithm". If you are an old geek, you will be thinking "Hey, this is like that one movie that I had to watch in Algorithms 101". If you are an old super-geek you will be thinking "Hey this is kind of like Ronald Baecker's 1981 movie Sorting out Sorting that I had to watch in Algorithms 101" By the way, if you thought you fit the "not a geek" section in the previous paragraph, but didn't blink at the use of the word "bandwidth" in a sentence, then you're a geek anyway.

Wiggly by Kevin Murray

One day I was playing with a completely unrelated algorithm and drew the results on screen. I was disturbed to note how alive the results looked. Thus was born the first wiggly.